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Malawi net ltd is a venture of the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Malawi MALAWINET Limited which deals with digital marketing. Malawinet Limited was established in 1997 and has offices in major cities like Blantyre (Galaxy House) and Lilongwe (Aruwa House) City Centre. Malawinet Limited has a unique distinction of being one of the few ISPs to be acknowledged by BID with an International Award in World Quality Commitment. Malawi net ltd aspires to achieve the heights set by Malawinet Limited

Malawi net offers services like Internet Services, Network Solutions, Disaster Recovery Management, Security Surveillance, Web Solutions, HR Payroll Systems, Software Development and Hardware Solutions.

Malawi net wants to bring perceptual change to the whole internet scenario of Malawi, and bring about tremendous Web awareness among its users. We believe that adopting innovative traits, experience and professionalism will help us in providing better service to our customers.

Apart from a clear technology Lead, another edge Malawi net has over its competitors is that the company has been set up by entrepreneurs who know exactly what to do as we have years of experience OF working in Malawi and hence are well aware about the requirements of Malawi netizens. We know how to do it better, and where to shop for what technologies. We will make sure that we are always a dozen technologies ahead of rest of the crew.

Malawi net aspires to transform the way Digital media is perceived and experienced in Malawi by continuosly introducing new and innovative technologies which will make sure that Malawi netizens are one of the best equipped in the world.