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We offer Hardware up-gradation Service & Repair Solution

At MalawiNet, we are technology experts. And that’s not just in reference to our innovative, industry-leading suite of end-to-end internet services and web solutions – we are also the experts when it comes to the hardware applications on which many of our solutions run. We know the specs of the hardware our solutions require, and we can work with you not only to understand system requirements and your business's needs, but also to deliver new equipment and provide service and support after the sale.

The base of any IT infrastructure begins with selection of hardware. This selection includes choosing the right processors, mother board, RAM and its specification, hard drives, communication ports to housing unit of the CPU. All of these hardware are critical and are essential for a system to run efficiently and their selection determines the output of the system.

It is critical to select the right specification of these hardware devices to ensure that a client’s IT needs are well satisfied and catered to. It is of prime importance that the processor has high frequency and computing capabilities for systems that will process large amount of information through multiple actions. The storage devices should be enough having at least double capacity than the size of the data clients wish to store. Large RAM capacity ensures that the commands and processes run smoothly. Faster communication ports ensure that the data exchange over the networks, internal and external, is swift and the work is done much speedier.

Hardware experts at MalawiNet assess the needs of our clients and guide them to choose the correct hardware, the one that will give the optimum performance and cater all the requirements of clients’ IT infrastructure. Based on the operations and functions required by the clients, hardware personnel at MalawiNet help clients choose the right hardware components right from processors and mother board, RAM and Hard Drives to USB Ports and Casing unit of the CPU. That is the range of hardware solutions MalawiNet provides