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Disaster Recovery Solution

Imagine a normal working day at your office just to find all your data to be lost, infected or crashed. This means that all your records, Power Points to be presented to the clients, contacts and official communications, memories of college days, important milestones achieved are simply lost.

MalawiNet helps you avoid such catastrophe by installing secured data servers. We deploy effective measures to ensure that your data wherever it is stored is secure and available for use at a time when it's needed.

We at MalawiNet provide a reliable backup system to copy all the data that is worth saving and make a copy of the data in our vast, reliable, secure and easily accessible servers. This helps our clients retrieve their critical data in case of their data loss due to any reason. Our data repository models are efficient enough to serve the clients needs' for data storage and recovery system.

MalawiNet deploys different techniques to optimize the backup procedure for dealing with open files and live data sources as well as compression, encryption, and de-duplication, among others. Our dedicated servers, team and procedure will ensure that your data is secure at all times and retrievable at any time.

It happens often that the hard drives of your systems crash unexpectedly, due to Trojans or virus or sudden power shoot up due to motherboard malfunctions. This takes away all your critical data, pictures, stored emails, system files and all other electronic data that matters to you in one way or the other.

In such event MalawiNet suggests that you try our trusted data recovery systems to restore all the data that has been lost or corrupted from your hard drives and any other data storage devices. Experts at MalawiNet understand the critical importance of the sensitive data and will be deployed to bring back all forms of electronic data that has been lost or damaged.