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We MalawiNet are Network specialists

Communications and exchange of electronic information happen over the computer networks similarly to exchange of any other entity over their respective networks. Parameter like communication ports, network data exchange rate, network performance and sealed process channels, high level security to thwart any threats of invasion by virus or worms should be taken seriously while designing and implementing any network for the exchange of important, private and sensitive data.

Networks have to be optimum, swift, cost effective and highly secure. Considerations for designing networks with above mentioned attributes should include the cost, type of the network, materials and components to be used for building such networks, efficient and speedy data exchange rates, security protocols to scan each and every minute data details entering and exiting the network and granting access to a limited and trusted end users.

Network specialists at MalawiNet leave no page unturned in ensuring that the network deployed by our clients have all the necessary features for it to function smoothly, securely and efficiently. Right from choosing the right hardware and components to employing protocols and security features in the network is done systematically and logically to take into considerations clients’ every needs and requirements.

Ask us how our Network Solutions will be useful to you when it comes to computer networks, which are high performance, application specific and impenetrably secure.