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Internet Service Provider

Dial Up & Multi User The wireless technology has pioneered the use of wireless equipment that establishes "radio" links between two or more networks up to 5-25 miles apart and accordingly, and moves data faster than traditional dial up lines. Such speeds will enable all your employees in your organization to:

  • Send and receive email in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Download files, web pages and images quickly.
  • Download files, web pages and images quickly.
  • Host your own Internet servers (e.g. email, web hosting).
  • Protect your office from malicious users of the Internet (optional built in firewall).
  • Facilitate high-quality video conferencing.
  • Support interoffice wireless roaming.
  • Operate with an always-ON Internet connection, 24 / 7.
  • Eliminate the need for additional phone lines, modems and dial up accounts.
  • Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Especially for security services and hospitals.

Leased Line By choosing a leased line for Internet access, you actually become a part of the Internet itself. Fixed annual or monthly charges mean that no longer do you need to worry about Telephone call charges, which allows you to budget more accurately. Though this solutions e-mail is delivered to your desktop instantly, orders from your e-commerce site will be delivered to you the moment they are placed, and downloads can be made in a split second. You can even develop your own Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  • Fixed rate tariff with no hidden cost
  • Instant access to the Internet - no waiting for connection
  • High bandwidth and online bandwidth statistics
  • Send and receive emails instantly without waiting
  • Download from the Internet quickly
  • Status monitoring of your leased line 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Detecting installed software

Domain Based Email
"Your Mail"-Domain Based Email Solution

WHAT IS IT? Your Mail provides an instant domain based email solution for Corporate, SOHO, and Individuals. YOUR MAIL is a virtual web email server account which works in conjunction with your business or personal domain name.

With YOUR MAIL you can send and receive messages using a professional e-mail address such as from any computer, any place in the world with an internet connection. These ASP services are designed to be completely hassle free in order to enable anybody to have their own mailing solution and offer their own domain name based email service to their employees.

E-economy is emerging and it is going to be the future economy. It is very important to project you company's image and its readiness to be a major player in e-economy. Email is the most powerful medium of communication ever invented and is the most important feature in the new economy. Your email address is your company's image in this new economy. If you have your email address as it does not give proper impression in the market. Your Mail services from Malawi Net will enable your company to have your company's domain based mail services. You can have an email address as

Quick Access to your mailbox from any computer via a Web browser regardless of the location. Anywhere, Anytime WebMail Access is powerful.